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Procino Plating, Inc. was started in 1983 as a family owned and operated electroplating business, servicing car enthusiasts with show quality chrome plating, offering a mirror finish decorative chrome plating, which established a high quality reputation throughout the show car circuit.
As the markets changed, so did Procino Plating Inc. Procino Plating Inc. diversed into hard chrome plating for the manufacturing process of Nylon fibers, a very technical process with polishing and size limitations. 
In 2004, Procino Enterprises was formed. The purpose of this company was to manufacture griddle plates for the food industry. With many years of polishing and chrome plating for the car enthusiasts, and the technical plating of hard chrome for the nylon industry, years of experience in a variety of capacities, have enabled us to evolve into this unique area of expertise. Today our reputation has enabled us to service many of the top 100 fastest growing food chains by way of griddle manufacturers.